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News Release 2-12-16

Minford TV now offers HBO package for $19.95 or Cinemax package for $15.95

Call the office today to add one of these packages to your account!

Falcon 1 now offers FIBER FAST internet speeds. (doesn’t include Telephone Service)

News Release 7-16-14

We are happy to announce some new additions to our channels line up.

  • Inspiration Channel – 130
  • Up TV – 131
  • Fox Soccer Channel – 203

News Release 12-11-13

We are proud to add 4 new businesses to our Local Business Section

News Release 12-2-13

New Remote Control User Guides Posted

News Release 11-20-13

New Website Release

News Release 5-21-13

Falcon1 / Minford Telephone would like to bring a very important matter to our customers.

Recently a Falcon1 customer was notified of a violation of the Copyright Act. The customer now could potentially faces large fines if found guilty of the violation. This can happen to you for first time offenses. Falcon1 would like for our customers to take a moment and read over the Falcon1 – Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy.

Please Be Aware:

The following explains the process.

You or someone with access to your internet connection downloads a movie, video, or music using torrent software (like BitTorrent, µTorrent, Xunlei, Vuze or BitComet), a web browser, or other internet downloading software (Kazaa, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc.).

The company that owns the copyright to the illegally downloaded material (“copyright owner”) identifies your internet connection’s IP address either by (a) using torrent software to connect to your torrent software or (b) getting a list of IP addresses from the website you downloaded from by getting a court order for that website to release it’s IP log files.

The copyright owner files a lawsuit in federal district court.

The copyright owner gets a subpoena ordering your internet service provider (ISP) to provide your name and contact information based on the IP logs. The IP logs connect the illegally downloaded material to an IP address, and your ISP can connect that IP address to you because it was assigned to your internet connection at the exact time of the illegal downloads.

The copyright owner sends you a letter threatening legal action unless you pay a settlement amount.

You either (a) consult with an attorney, (b)negotiate a lower settlement amount, or (c) pay the settlement amount demanded by the copyright owner.

News Release 8-28-12

Minford Television will post a map that will show our TV Roll-Out Progress.

Stay Tuned for further updates.

News Release 4-8-11

Falcon1 has resolved a known issue with the Comtrend 5361T ADSL modem. After some research by our Staff we have a fix in place for “Frequent Disconnects” with the Comtrend ADSL modem. Follow the link below to get started or contact technical support for assistance.

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