FTTH Progress A

FTTH Progress
Basic FTTH Internet Service:
Internet SpeedPricing
4mb down / 1mb up$28.99
15mb down / 2mb up (Included with TV Bundle)$45.99
25mb down / 3mb up$57.99
35mb down / 5mb up$68.99
45mb down / 10mb up (Gaming Package)$84.99
Bundled Packages include the following:
Phone | Internet | Television

The difference in the bundled pricing reflects on certain TV Channel Lineups that are available.
Channel Line Ups

Bundled PackagesInternet SpeedsBundled Packages Pricing
Basic Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$114.15
Expanded Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$122.15
Premium Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$144.15
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Adams Lane

FTTH and IPTV services are available starting January 2014.

Alex White Road

Currently in preliminary stages of engineering for FTTH and IPTV services.  There is currently no planned completion date at this time.   Check back soon for updates to the final construction completion date.

Allen Road

FTTH and IPTV services available.

Alva Lyons Road

FTTH and IPTV services available.

Applegate Road

FTTH and IPTV services available.