FTTH Progress V

FTTH Progress
Basic FTTH Internet Service:
Internet SpeedPricing
4mb down / 1mb up$28.99
15mb down / 2mb up (Included with TV Bundle)$45.99
25mb down / 3mb up$57.99
35mb down / 5mb up$68.99
45mb down / 10mb up (Gaming Package)$84.99
Bundled Packages include the following:
Phone | Internet | Television

The difference in the bundled pricing reflects on certain TV Channel Lineups that are available.
Channel Line Ups

Bundled PackagesInternet SpeedsBundled Packages Pricing
Basic Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$114.15
Expanded Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$122.15
Premium Bundle15mbs / 2mbs$144.15
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Valley Street

FTTH and IPTV services are available.

Van Fosson Road

FTTH and IPTV services are available.